Friday, October 31, 2008

A few more Halloween pics............

Burgers are good.......................

Hiding the "goodies" under my hat!!

This is before the wild scavenger hunt for the goody bags. Good job with that Kaci and Kelli.

Kelli and girls posin'.

Who has the baby prozac, I think we dropped it down his robot costume. FIND IT NOW!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Annual Halloween Party 10-27-08

Kami and Tim................

Hosts, Kaci and Willie Burton. Baby Marley, what a punkin!

This is what happened to Ryan and we mentioned getting a hair cut.

Two Pocahontas' (Jessie and Megan), one purple Barney (Leah), a flapper (Kate) and a small Indiana Jones (Kale). gEtting ready for a hot dog and home made rootbeer. Yum O.

Steve decided to dress as a while haired old dude. The girls don't seem to mind.

Our cool family........the camera added 10 pounds to my really small boobs. Oh Gee.

This is Tim quietly threatening Anderson about behaving during the photos. It worked!!

Who could ask for more? Hmmm, a baby girl in Feb. named some version of Minnie?

OK, I give. Hair is, well, hairy. Ryan Dalley is a great kid and hopefully his vision will clear up when he eventually cuts his hair. No rush.

Lots of people think D.J. is a Coombs Clone. What do you think? He's cool and he's a freshman in high school...........we're getting old.

More photos........

Chris and Sam. They've been our neighbors and really helped us, again, this summer. Chris is a heck of an irrigator, even when he falls in the canal at midnight.

Willie and Kale. As you can tell, they don't love each other at all. :)

The Dalleys. Great looking family. Kelli is the "go-to" for all her children and nieces and nehphews. Thank you, Kod.

Lovely Kate Dalley. She's as sweet as she is lovely.

The Burtons. Baby girl Marley had the right idea, just sleep through the whole thing and then eat later. Great picture!!

Coombs Family Photos, Oct. 2008

Ta Da........The Coombs family photo shoot, Oct. 17, 2008. It was worth it.

Anderson, finally still, but very cute. He preferred running in the yard.

This is Megan Dalley, Kelli's youngest and this is soooo cute, right? She's usually talking, and talking, and talking.......but we caught her and then she was off to play.

The adults..........smiling because they can smell the bacon and biscuits from the kitchen. It was a good day.

The girls.............

The whole clan. We're so blessed. Soon we'll add another baby girl from Kami and Tim.

More photos............

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OK, I'm an sure to keep going back to older posts to see all my Peru pictures.

Ruins at the Sacred Valley. The steps were really steep.

They still farm in this terrace fashion. Such a hard life they live.

Just a shot in a Lima street.

We were at a meeting in Urabamba and found Pres. Jimenez and his wife. He was Ben Coombs companion in the Colombia mission years ago. Talk about a small world!

This is on the ride back from the airport from Cuzco. It was a little scary, white knuckles for Steve. You could hear the tire rubbing on the frame of the tiny, tiny car and we moved people around to redistribute the weight but it didn't help. After multiple stops, filling the radiator with water, checking for a hot tire that might blow, we got a taxi to the Earls' apartment. Whew, dodged another bullet. Sometimes I just looked at Steve and said "good bye" thinking we'd bought the farm but................we're still alive. It was really cool.

more pictures

This guy is a Peruvian Home Depot. He'll use the grass to make bricks for his house.

Steve gave this little dude some gum and 5 solis. He was happy but shy. This is the real deal with this boy's clothing, traditional and cool.

Cute and ready for a snooze.

After the death march to Machu Pichu we found a restaurant owned by a member of the church. They had a picture of the Salt Lake Temple in there and the tabernacle songs played on a pan flute--promise. The llama was darn tasty, too. We were tired after the hike of a life time. I don't mind telling you that I had to sit on my butt to come down the stairs on the last stretch, I was that scared. But, it was worth it.

The train to Machu was packed!! It was hard to find a seat but we squeezed in. :)